Center Stage Singers

Christmas in September

Center Stage Singers is back at it! We began rehearsing for our Fall Christmas Concert this past week and our concert will be held December 2nd at Garrison Elementary at 7:00 pm Registration for the current semester will close the coming Wednesday the 14th...

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Sara Walker

Meet Sara

Center Stage Singers Instructor, Miss Sara is a classically trained violinist with over 9 years of teaching experience in both voice and violin. In 1997, she soloed with the prestigious Sound of America Honor Band and Chorus as a Soprano...

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Center Stage Singers

Spring Concert was a hit!

We just performed our Spring concert "Dateline: Rock & Roll" and the kids all were amazing!! This music was really challenging and they all rose to the occasion!

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Center Stage Singers
Center Stage Singers
Center Stage Singers
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Miss Sara

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